Welcome to Gamer Haven!

The Haven for all Gamers


Private game servers, voice chat, tournaments, file storage, meeting new friends, and just having fun with those friends - That's Gamer Haven!


Drop in and hang out in the Haven with fellow gamers and just chill and chat, or group up and game. We're a friendly community from all walks of the world. Non-discriminate, non-judgemental, non-racist, non-sexist, and a hassle free experience.

We also have a Guilded server for those interested, containing forums, expanded server information, guilds, clans, and various groups, all within one location that's just like Discord! Join our Guilded server here.

Community Servers

Tired of searching for a server online in a game, only to find they're either full, or full of trolls? Our community has dedicated servers specifically for our community to enjoy. All of our servers are public to our community, and any passwords will be listed here on our site, publicly available for our community to acquire, without any sort of "application" process to hassle with. Just find it, type it, and play! Rest assured that our community servers will keep your playing experience enjoyable for a long time to come without those pesky trolls out there.

Check out our servers here.

GamerHaven Official Minecraft Modded server address: pack.gamerhaven.org
Wiki coming soon.

prestigious and trusted members will receive access to our game server control panel to keep them updated and to be able to start/stop them as needed. If we don't have a server, our members can request them, and take control of it for the community!

Cloud Storage

Available upon request to select members, get free cloud storage to share with the community synced right to your PC. Every cloud account includes a shared folder among the entire user-base that can be seen by every other account, making it excellent for file-sharing and collaboration on projects. Shared folders are scanned on our server by anti-virus, keeping your PC safe, while allowing you the freedom of worry-free sharing!

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