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Our Public server list for our members


Gamer Haven Public Server List

The following are our public servers for our community members. All servers are publicly usable and none have any set rules unless otherwise specified. As always, please bear in mind the community standards of "don't be an ass" toward your fellow gamer. Trolling these servers and intentionally trying to stall them, or crash them, will result in a permanent ban across all of our sites, servers, and services. These servers, unless otherwise specified, are not moderated, so chaos rules apply to the gameplay.

 The server directory is also located on our Guilded Server (Public page, no login/join required to view).

Unless specifically listed on the server listing, our IP will be

Chaos Ruleset:

Unmoderated, unrestricted gameplay. No rules apply to "Gameplay" although the standard of Gamer Haven applies to everyone: NO CHEATING. If the game does not have cheats enabled, do not use them from any source, whether it be modded or not. No Glitching or exploiting game bugs as that is the same as cheating. If our server has mods enabled that enables cheats or a similar "creative" mode, then that does not apply. PvP if the server has it enabled, is unrestricted in Chaos servers. Griefing in a PvP style manner is allowed.

Trolling is defined as deliberately joining a server with the intent to disrupt gameplay by making it impossible for another player to do or achieve anything regarding the basic principles of the game's linear or open-world progression and/or survival. If a player cannot perform any task in order to defend themselves, then trolling is taking place. If a player has sufficient time to prepare, and has weapons, but is unable to compete with a "better" player, then trolling is "not" taking place. Camping spawn is immediately identified as Trolling because that is where new players begin with, under most circumstances, nothing.

Trolling players can be reported on our forum, and screenshots, and/or witnesses are required in order for us to take action. Trolling players will be removed from the server in which they are exposed. 


These servers do NOT follow the Chaos Ruleset even if they are unmoderated. Swift action will take place against those who grief other players. Our private servers are for our gamers to play the game on a public, albeit private to GamerHaven, server in an effort to enjoy the game in a safe and friendly environment whilst being able to share their experience either with private friends, or with our community members. Griefing of other players progress is not allowed in our private servers and players are expected to respect their fellow gamer and if they do not wish to partake in PvP, then their wishes shall be honored. Any reported players of such behavior will be removed from said server.


Cheating is, as mentioned above, defined as a player who exploits the game or programming of the game to gain a benefit above other players, or one who intentionally disrupts the game's natural intended flow of progression by exploiting mechanics that a) do not exist in the game, b) are not enabled,  Cheating players will be perma-banned from all of Gamer Haven, including but not limited to: Game Servers, Services, Websites, Discord, and our AUTH services.


Players of our community are able to request servers of the opposite type of what we currently provide. If we have a public server of a given game type, a private version of it can be requested and vice-versa. The game state of the opposite server can be transferred along with it as well, if requested, otherwise a blank slate will be provided. This is all of course, at the discretion of our staff, as well as being dependent on the capacity of our server(s).