Public Servers

Our Public server list for our members


Yes, we have a Rimworld server. See bottom section for connection help.

Server Information:

Server address:
Client Current version 0.03.44a (2020.06.11)
Server version:

How to connect

First time users:

  1. Download the mod: Source or Workshop
  2. Enable the Rimworld OnlineCity mod
  3. Set mod load order (see below)
  4. Restart game (auto)
  5. Click Multiplayer on Main Menu
  6. Click register
  7. Enter server address above, choose a unique name and password
  8. Click OK
  9. From main menu, click multiplayer again
  10. Enter the server address again, your username, and password you just made
  11. Click login, and create your settlement with the options presented
When creating your starting options and continuing, the game will give a SHUTDOWN message booting you back to the Main Menu. This is normal, your map is being generated by the server. Simply login again and you'll connect.

Returning players:

Follow the steps above, and skip to step 9 if your mods haven't changed.
DO NOT FORGET YOUR USERNAME or PASSWORD: it is unrecoverable should you forget your Username or password. Should you forget your information, you must start over!

Mod Order
  1. Harmony
  2. Core
  3. HugsLib
  4. OnlineCity
  5. Any client-side only UI mods
Do not use game altering mods. Visuals and informationals only. Game altering mods do not send data to the server and you will not be able to login.