Gamer Haven Rules (Terms of Service)

These rules may be updated at any time. Check often for any changes!

Every member, staff included, must abide by, and comply with the rules within this article. A Similar copy may be found in our Discord server and must be acknowledge in order to use the server.

We are a close knit community, and we treat each other as family. In order to keep order in our ever growing community, we have guidelines that we must all follow.
Below is a list of rules that we all abide by. Not following anything under Section 1 will give you a warning. We do 1 warning only. Breaking anything under Section 2 will get you instantly banned.

Section 1

  • 1.1 Be kind and respectful to one another

We may not always agree with one another, but every member needs to respect the opinion of others, regardless of whether you agree or not. We won't tolerate fighting within our community.

  • 1.2 Utilize the order of the server and services

In our Discord, please use the appropriate channels. For our servers, please use the proper server for the type of play you want to engage in (PvP for PvP, PvE for PvE, etc).

  • 1.3 No Advertising

Self explanatory, do not, under any circumstances unless given permission by our staff (unlikely), post or speak of any advertising whatsoever. Don't post links to other Discords, other communities, or other servers. If you and a friend are playing on another server and wish to play together, please use the private messaging system for this, keeping it private. Our server and community are not here for recruiting. ***The only exception to this rule is recruiting clan members "WITHIN" the community when the clan itself "IS IN THE COMMUNITY" as well.

  • 1.4 Discord server: Do not use @everyone or other mentions unless they are approved.

Our Discord will be set up to have roles designed for @mentions for players who wish to be notified of events, meetings, etc. Those members who do not have those pre-set mention roles obviously don't want to be bothered.

  • 1.5 Common Sense

This is self explanatory, use common sense. Should I not be doing this? If you have to ask yourself this, then for good measure, don't. Murphy's law applies.

Section 2

  • 2.1 Cheating / Glitching

Every game has bugs or glitches, and there are programs out there for almost every game to do things that the developers did not want players to be able to do. Cheating / Glitching / intentional abuse of any bug within any game while representing our community will result in your removal from our community. Again, this falls back on the reputation of us as a whole. EXCEPTION to this would be a server YOU OWN, of course this will discourage players from wanting to join it though...

  • 2.2 NSFW is restricted

We are a Gaming community, not a porn-hub. Use your browser for that. Our community has members of all ages, including kids. Notice all porn sites are "adult" and require their viewers to be 18+? Well, same rules apply here. Keep porn on the internet and out of general areas such as the non-NSFW channels in Discord, and the non-NSFW forums. We are mostly adults, and as adults, we understand you should be able to do things like this, and we agree. Because of that, use the appropriate channels / areas.

  • 2.3 Harassment - ZERO TOLERANCE

We will not tolerate any harassment of any kind toward our members, our staff, or any public person even outside of our community. We as a community have a reputation, as well as every clan within our community. This will get you instantly banned without the possibility of contesting the judgement. If you have been falsely accused of this rule, you may contest it but you WILL NEED PROOF of your innocence. Victims will need to screenshot this, or have witnesses that can confirm this. Thou shalt not harass anyone about the following, but not limited to: age, gender, orientation, religion, beliefs, opinions, roles, position in community, memberships (in clan, community, or other), or for any other reason not listed here.

What gets me banned? Ultimately it is at the discretion of our council, but breaking anything is Section 2 is considered an "absolute" and could result in an immediate ban.

What if I was wrongfully banned? Good question, sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes our bots will make a mistake. For this, use our help desk, of which the link can be found on our main site at in the top menu under services. If you contest a ban, bring proof such as a screenshot to show your innocence, or a good plea. We are quite forgiving under most circumstances.

You understand that using our servers, websites, and services, these rules are binding and breaking them will result in the disciplines associated with said "rules" and are only disputable in our help desk. You also agree that you will not spam our help desk, nor will you harass our staff to get disciplinary actions removed or undone. We thank you for taking the time to read these rules, and we encourage you, the gamer, to have fun!